Feed Review :French smart food for simplify your life.

Feed. believes that it is a “smart food” company with a difference.

“Feed. is a new form of nutrition that offers you freedom. Healthy, convenient, and economical Feed. will simplify your life. It is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, GMO-free and made in France. “There is something for all tastes: salty (beverages made from cèpes, Provençal tomatoes, garden vegetables ) or sweetened (drink or red fruit bar, coco-choco bar, banana-choco bar) Feed. can replace any meal. It is neither a diet product nor a protein product for athletes. The goal is not to completely replace the traditional diet. On the contrary, Feed. provides an ideal alternative to those who do not have the time, the possibility, or the desire to cook, in a punctual or more regular way.”

[Feed boast over 100,000 regular consumers]

I tried their package including all the ranges of Feed and I found very well the flavors were identical to those of a complete meal! The only variant was that they were in the form of dust.

Feed offers a wide variety of salty and sweet recipes, as well as [multiple] formats – bars, bottles, pouches and shaker.

Feed doesn’t think you should replace all your meals with a Feed product. But if you’re in a rush or you want to lose some weight, you could swap your lunch for a Feed product . is the perfect example of a strong online brand. The company has built an online community with hundreds of thousands of followers. There are dozens of videos of people testing Feed on YouTube. And the company knows how to target online customers using the right channel. While you can find Feed products in many French supermarkets, the company also sells its products on its website and delivers in 30 countries. By building a strong brand and attracting online customers, the company can generate bigger margins than in selling through your local supermarket.

And the brand is the reason why Feed is valuable and can attract funding. Now, Feed can launch its product in new countries and could sign new partnerships with supermarkets across Europe.

Feed. takes this approach (Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, non-gmo, locally produced)

to another level and even offers an organic range certified by independent labs and flavour variety with clear French culinary influence. This is an in-depth Feed. review on why they have some of the best tasting meal replacement shakes in Europe.

Anyway Feed is one of the best brands to buy from. They have the biggest variety, some of the best tasting meal replacement products and an excellent delivery. Best flavours (and the most variety). Simply put, Feed. has some of the best tasting shakes and bars in the industry. Great flavours, great texture and packed with good nutrition. Savoury flavours. They taste great, they are an awesome break from the sweet shakes and are very unique in the market. Some of my favourites. Nutritionally different products. Another strong point is that they have goal oriented (Sports, Light) shakes, as well as, shakes that fit different diets (low carb, organic). The packaging feels good, the shaker is top quality and every detail seems to be important.

Multiple packaging options. Often brands need to make compromises on offering individual pouches, or bigger bags. Not Feed.; they offer both. Individual or small bags for those looking for convenience and bigger ones for those who care about the budget.

As a small disclaimer, I must say that taste is very subjective and often a point of discussion. However, I think that Feed. has some of the best flavours in the industry.

SHOP ON : [ https://www.feed.co/en/]


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